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MIXBIOPELLS - Market Implementation of Extraordinary Biomass Pellets

Abstract :

According to the worldwide rising energy demand, the use of biomass for combustion will gain even more importance than it already has. Since nowadays wood is getting more scarce caused by the growing demand in material and the energetic use, alternative solid biofuels, like straw or olive press cake, are experiencing growing interest. In most countries first activities have been started to integrate these biofuels. However the market integration of alternative pellets is still blocked by various constraints. Therefore the goal of MixBioPells is to identify the constraints & drivers and find promising market concepts for enhancing the relevance of alternative pellets in Europe. Since kind and potential of available raw materials and the local frameworks differ significantly between countries and even between regions, each partner will concentrate on one region to analyse the local situation. This will be done in close cooperation with an industry partner. The major outcomes will be regional case studies, recommendations for legal & economical frameworks, a concept for a labelling system for alternative pellets and an internet platform including a database and communication platform.

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