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FOREST Fostering Efficient Long Term Supply Partnerships


FOREST aims to work across the whole supply chain covering both the supply of the fuel -wood- and the installation and maintenance of the non- domestic -wood -heating systems. Its key objective is to work directly with bio-businesses in this supply chain to develop and consolidate long-term supply chain partnerships that will give the end user confidence in the total bio-heat system and so encourage investment from larger non-domestic heat users. The work to develop the supply chains will consist of three main types of activities: 1. the development of best practice tool-kit; 2. B2B networking across a wide range of businesses to allow the exchange of knowledge between business in the supply chain and their clients, and to facilitate the development of new more integrated supply chain partnerships; 3. Direct capacity building in the supply chain through tailored advice to individual businesses to develop new supply chain partnership, consolidate existing partnerships and to improve the reliability of the whole supply chain. These main tasks will be supported by a comprehensive communication strategy.

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