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Synthesis: Comparative evaluation of biofuels


The objectives of this project were:


1.To produce a decision base regarding the promotion of biofuels in the European Community

2.To show the environmental advantages and disadvantages of the different biofuels compared to fossil fuels with help of the LCA

3.To make comparisons between countries for each biofuel

4.To make comparisons between biofuels in each country

5.To point out the most favourable biofuels in each country with help of the LCA and a socio-economic and political analysis


The results were:


1.The LCA method provided interesting and reliable results for what concerns the energetic balance and regulated emissions

2.The socio-economic analysis are subjective

3.Bioenergy production brings interesting greenhouse gas reduction and good energy savings

4.There are some negative impacts carried on by biofuels, but these should be further investigated, due to the lack of experimental data for certain environmental parameters

5.There are no a “perfect” biofuels, but each of them has its own particular advantages and disadvantages

6.The European Commission should develop a set of criteria to be used to assess whether a certain chain fits or not in a selected country

7.Biofuel advantages and disadvantages are not constant, but can change during time, with the development of new technologies; therefore researches should be carried out, since no definitive answer can be given on which biofuel is best for a set country

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