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Valutazione del potenziale nazionale offerto dalle biomasse per la produzione di energia elettrica

Evaluation of national potential for biomasses for electricity production




The objectives of this project were:


1.Evaluation of the national potential offered by biomasses

2.Individuation both subjects possibly interested and useful technologies for the implementation of cogeneration plants.

3.Analysis of the opportunities and key parameters for high size power plants (5-50 MW)

4.Analysis of the opportunities and key parameters for low size power plants, important for civil and industrial sectors (few KW - few MW)

5.Analysis of renewable energy sources


The results were:


1.the understanding of how a more systematic valuation of biomasses sources is necessary also in respect of their cost

2.the estimation of different available biomasses

3.a reasonable esteem about the effective power obtainable by biomasses (about 5TWh/y)

4.the definition of two factors which directly affect the possibility to build biomasses plants (i.e. proximity of biomasses sources to plants and possibility for plants to sell co-generated heat)

5.the definition of the problems linked to fuel supplying

6.the analysis of economic possibilities for both thermal and electrical plants, the definition of both the parameters that modify the earning capacity ,the dependence of said plants to the linked parameters.

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