Biomass Use in Brianza





Soluzioni e proposte alla luce dei risultati del Progetto UE "BIomass Use in Brianza"

Cavenago, 15 december 2005


On the 15th December 2005 a seminar officially presenting the final results of the Project "Biomass Use in Brianza" was hold in Cavenago Brianza. During the meeting issues concerning energy and environmental problems in the area of Brianza were discussed, and the study was officially introduced, as one of the proposals that might help in their solution. Download the program, Download the presentations



A poster illustrating the preliminary results of the Project "BIomass Use in Brianza" has been presented at the following conferences:

- 14th European Conference and Technology Exhibition on Biomass for Energy, Industry and Climate Protection, 17th to 21st October 2005 in Paris. See:

- Nordic Bioenergy Conference, 25-27 October 2005, Trondheim, Norway. See:

Download the poster here.

Biomass Use In Brianza has been approved ed by the European Commission under the Priority Thematic Area 6.1

(Sustainable Energy Systems) of the Sixth Framework Programme

Project No TREN/04/FP6EN/S07.30974/503177