Biomass Use in Brianza






Solutions and proposals in the light of the results of the EU Project "Biomass Use in Brianza"

Thursday 15th December 2005 CEM Ambiente S.p.A. - Localitą Cascina Sofia Cavenago Brianza, Italy



The seminar aimed to officially present the final results of the Project "Biomass Use in Brianza". During the meeting issues concerning energy and environmental problems in the area of Brianza were discussed, and the study was officially introduced, as one of the proposals that might help in their solution.


9.00 Welcome Coffee

9.30 Introduction of the Chairmen

GIOVANNI RIVA Director of Comitato Termotecnico Italiano

LUCIANO MUTTI Director of the newspaper "Il Giorno" Brianza


9.40 Messages:

DANIELA MAZZUCONI President of CEM Ambiente S.p.A.

SEM GALBIATI Mayor of Cavenago Brianza


10.00 General presentations:

GIOVANNI RIVA Comitato Termotecnico Italiano "The Project Biomass use in Brianza"

FRANCESCO GULLI' Institute of Energy Economy of the Bocconi University "Promotion and incentives for cogeneration and district heating"

GUIDO ROSTI and DANIELE PESCO Province of Milan "Present situation and perspectives for energy in Brianza"


11.00 Coffee Break


11.15 Presentations:


PIER CARLO BERETTA President of A.L.S.I. Alto Lambro Servizi Idrici S.p.A.

ENZO PIAZZA Association of the entrepreneurs of Monza and Brianza

ANDREA POGGIO President Legambiente Lombardia



13.15 Lunch


14.45 The Project "Biomass Use in Brianza":

MARTINO DAL VERME - C.T.I. "Resources, availability and management"

ANNA BOCCARDI - Punti Energia "Study cases"

MAURO COZZINI - Ingea Consulting "Results of the study"

JEAN-MARC JOSSART - Aebiom "European experiences"


15.30 Contributions:

FRANCO ANDRETTA Assoreca - Associazione Societą di Revisione e Consulenza Ambientale

ALESSANDRO PESTALOZZA Comunitą Il Castellazzo di Basiano

SILVIO ANDERLONI Center for the Urban Forestation - Il Bosco in Cittą

GABRIELE SGUAZZINI Consorzio Nazionale Energie Rinnovabili

ANTONIO VARISCO President of the Rio Vallone natural parc


16.30 Debate

17.00 Conclusions of the Chairmen




Poster presentations


A poster illustrating the preliminary results of the Project "BIomass Use in Brianza" has been presented at the following conferences:

- 14th European Conference and Technology Exhibition on Biomass for Energy, Industry and Climate Protection, 17th to 21st October 2005 in Paris. See:

- Nordic Bioenergy Conference, 25-27 October 2005, Trondheim, Norway. For more information and the proceedings of the Conference see:

Download the poster here.



Seminar, Fiera di Monza, 10 December 2004



This seminar aimed at presenting the project to mayors of the different municipalities that could have an interest in bioenergy in the future and presenting the project to the public and companies, in order to promote the future utilization of its results.

The programme was the following (presentation are linked when available) :

14.00 Welcome Coffee Partecipants registration



BRUNA BREMBILLA - Environment Assessor of the Provincia of Milano

MAURIZIO BERNARDO - Water resources Assessor of the Regione Lombardia

15.00 Biomass for the energetic diversification: the Study “Biomass Use in Brianza”

GIOVANNI RIVA, Comitato Termotecnico Italiano, Objectives of the Study and state of the art

MARTINO DAL VERME, Comitato Termotecnico Italiano, Availability of virgin and treated biomass in Brianza

GIULIANO DALL'O', Punti Energia, Urban heat request: Hypothesis of the installation sites in Brianza

MAURO COZZINI, Ingea S.r.l. , Technical options considered by the Study

JEAN-MARC JOSSART, AEBIOM, European Experiences

17.00 Break Coffee

17.15 Other Experiences in the region

WALTER RIGHINI , T.C.V.V.V. S.p.A. , Realization and management of a biomass district heating plant

ALFREDO AMMAN , AGAM - Ambiente Gas Acqua Monza S.p.A. , Similar project and collaboration hypothesis

SAMUELE MARIANI, A.L.S.I. - Alto Lambro Servizi Idrici S.p.A. , Recovery of sludges from treatment of urban waste water

MARIO LUIGI VICO , Consorzio Est Ticino – Villoresi , Irrigation grid and rural system as biomass source

ALESSANDRO SCHIAVONE , Europrogetti e Finanza S.p.A. , The Public-Private Partnerships in the realization and management of infrastructures

19.00 Discussion and conclusions


Biomass Use In Brianza has been approved ed by the European Commission under the Priority Thematic Area 6.1

(Sustainable Energy Systems) of the Sixth Framework Programme

Project No TREN/04/FP6EN/S07.30974/503177