Biomass Use in Brianza



The partners



The Lead Contractor, Comitato Termotecnico Italiano (CTI), is a no-profit association, charged to carry out standardization work in the various sectors of thermal energy production, distribution and utilization, availing itself of the collaboration of private industries, public bodies, agencies and associations. The standardization work led in time to establish standardization oriented research activities in new thermotechnics fields such as environment, renewable energy, etc.

Ingea Consulting Srl is a private firm fully independent and autonomous, established by a group of professionals operating in the field of energy planning and development. Among other services provided, Ingea operates in the technical, economic and financial feasibility studies, supervision and coordination of final design activities, and technical and administrative advisory assistance.

Associazione Rete di Punti Energia is a no-profit association founded by the Lombardy Region and its Provinces and supported by the EU SAVE programme. Punto Energia offers a variety of services to public and private organizations, technical operators and targeted groups, providing information, advice and assistance on energy and environmental topics.

Pubblidam Srl has been established in the year 1988 and, starting from that year, has promoted and directly organized conventions and meeting on different aspects related with social and environmental problems. Pubblidam has a primary function of support for the industrial sector and for the economic development of the Brianza area. In this role, it has experience of promotion of varied initiatives, as in the recent past with the Monza district heating system, and it organizes specific conventions within its own structure.

The European Biomass Association (AEBIOM) is a group of national biomass associations founded in 1990. The basic aim is the promotion of biomass production and application throughout Europe.
AEBIOM spreads the message that a wider use of biomass will bring tangible benefits in the field of energy, materials, agriculture, forestry, environment and employment. To achieve such goal, AEBIOM undertakes several actions such as linkage with European institutions, organization of seminars, conferences, information and awareness campaigns and the carrying out of studies and encouragement of experience sharing.


Partic. Role* Partic. No. Participant name Participant short name Country Date enter project Date exit project
CO 1 1 Comitato Termotecnico Italiano CTI Italy month 1 month 18
CR 2 Ingea Consulting S.r.l. Ingea Italy month 1 month 18
CR 3 Associazione Rete di Punti Energia Punti Energia Italy month 1 month 12
CR 4 Pubblidam S.r.l. Pubblidam Italy month 2 month 18
CR 5 European Biomass Association AEBIOM Belgium month 6 month 18


*CO = Coordinator CR = Contractor


Only for Partners


Here below are reported the main documents concerning the constitution of the Consortium and the research contract:

  • Contract signed with the Eurpoean Commission (English only)


Are also available the minutes of the main internal meetings:

  • Steering Committee meeting of the 5th July 2004 (Only Italian)

  • Steering Committee meeting of the 28th September 2004 (Only Italian)

  • Meeting of the 7th October 2004 (English)

  • Steering Committee meeting of 2nd February 2005 (English)

  • Minutes of the Steering Committee meeting of 1 August 2005 (English)


Biomass Use In Brianza has been approved ed by the European Commission under the Priority Thematic Area 6.1

(Sustainable Energy Systems) of the Sixth Framework Programme

Project No TREN/04/FP6EN/S07.30974/503177