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Savona combustion laboratory, a new facility for advanced technological research and testing of ultra-low NOx gas-turbine burners


Autore: F. Pittaluga

Collana: CA - 56 - Napoli 2001

The technological features, the research objectives, as well as the national context which has provided the necessary sponsorship, are presented and discussed in this paper, in connection with the very recent establishment of a new Laboratory, specifically devoted to advanced combustion-research, located north of the campus of Savona School of Engineering (University of Genova). The strategic motivation of the initiative is centered on the conception, the development, the actual realisation, the

validation testing and the tecnological transfer to industry of an innovative "breed" of liquid-fuel gas-turbine burners, characterised by emissions, in terms of NOx and CO, constrained in the so-called "one-digit ppm" range, corresponding to the ultra-low emission regime.

The specific name of the new burner typology here in object is LRPM, for "Liquid-fuel Rapid Pre-Mix": indeed, it is based on the attainment of extremely rapid fuel vaporisation and premixing processes by taking peculiar advantage of the air-flow turbulence, specifically, of its turbulent dissipation rate. This strategy, supported by ultra-lean mixture equivalence ratios and proper air-preheating levels, allows to reach fully premixed conditions ahead of the flame front, and succeeds in avoiding combustion instability.

In the paper, the design and operational characteristics are given and discussed of an experimental test-rig (200 kW thermal power, atmospheric, electrically preheated) which has just ended its erection phase in the Savona Combustion Laboratory (DIMSET/SCL), specifically devoted to LRPM burner testing, together with a theoretical/numerical prediction of the detailed thermo-fluid-dynamical and reactive performance of the LRPM burner prototype actually mounted on the test-rig itself.

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