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Calcolo di flussi 2D inviscidi utilizzando magliature cartesiane


Autore: A. Dadone

Collana: CA - 56 - Napoli 2001

The present paper deals with implementation of impemeability boundary conditions at solid walls for two-dimentional inviscid flow computations on Cartesian grids. A new methodology, named Immersed Boundary Methodology, is introduced. The suggested methodology comes from the Curvature Corrected Symmetry Technique used to accurately enforce the impermeability conditions at solid walls on body fitted grids. The compressible inviscid flow about a circular cylinder is thoroughly investigated to prove the merit of the suggested methodology. The permeability condition in warranted in the limit of vanishing cell size, with very small residual errors in the velocity component normal to the body. Moreover, the suggested methodology is second-order accurate in space. The comparison with polar grid computations shows that the Immersed Boundary Methodology on Cartesian grids preserves the superior accuracy of the Curvature Corrected Symmetry Technique on body fitted polar grids, and presents dramatic advantages with respect to the widely used second-order pressure extrapolation technique on body fitted polar grids. results for subsonic and transonic flows about a NACA0012 airfoil show that theImmersed Boundary Methodology can be easily extended to practical body shapes.

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