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Determination of the heat transfer coefficient for variable geometries and thermal flows


Autore: G. Lorenzini, A. Valenti

Collana: CA - 56 - Napoli 2001

The aim of this paper is to make a comparison between an original numerical code based on the finite elements method and a series of experimental data related to the heat transfer coefficient of a sinusoidal profiled dissipator.
It is clear that even though the experimental data are interesting and provide a useful indication of values within the limits of their own or of similar application ranges, these must be generalized: the new code performs this function having validated it also by other comparisons thus allowing a sufficiently precise estimate of heat transfer coefficients for generation in many different practical cases.
The created code has good versatility (study of geometries, materials, different thermal flows) and can be easily included on those personal computers based on the most widely-used systems at a world level.

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