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The experimental research of an anti-gravity thermosyphon for a heating system


Autore: V.N. Fedorov, E.M. Bolotin, A.A. Borodkin, V.J. Sasin, F.Fantozzi

Collana: CA - 52 - Cernobbio 1997

The results of a research on a heat transfer system (a two - phase flow loop) based on anti-gravity thermosyphon phenomenology are submitted. As pump for a remote heat exchanger, a vapour - liquid ejector is applied. The working fluid (as vapour) is received in a two - phase generator supplied with a particular delay device, called separator, working in pulsed way. Under the influence of this device, the vapour pressure in the generator does not prevent filling up of a liquid. The increase of the vapour pressure in a generator (to assure ejector working) and the subsequent pressure drop (to assure liquid filling) occur in different times. For this experimental apparatus the mutual arrangement of heating and cooling zones is not essential. Evaporator can be placed a few tens of meters above heat transfer zone. The characteristics of experimental apparatus show that this system can be directly used for a real heating system.

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