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Analytical avaluation of two-shift economic saving in thermoelectric


Autore: M. Bianchi, A. Peretto

Collana: CA - 53 - Firenze 1998

The shutdown of some units (two-shift operation) may represent a possible strategy in the management of a set of units employed for matching the load demand.

In the present paper an analytical evaluation of the economic benefits obtainable from two-shift operation of thermoelectric power units, with respect to load following, is carried out.

In particular, the two-shift economic gross and net savings were expressed as a function of the unit typology, logistic and of the system load requirements.

The analytical expression of the two-shift economic gross and net savings were then evaluated in the case of a set of conventional thermoelectric units. It was resulted that the gross saving is remarkable for a large range of the set maximum continuous power rate up to 60 - 70%. Moreover, the net savings due to one weekend/holiday and to one overnight shutdown are resulted up to about seven and one times the fuel hourly cost of one unit at maximum continuous rate, respectively.

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