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On the formation of Taylor-Vortices in annular seals of hydraulic machines


Autore: M. Manna, A. Vacca

Collana: CA - 53 - Firenze 1998

The paper presents a theoretical study of the fluid dynamic performances of annular cylindrical seals commonly employed in hydraulic machines, in order to contribute to the comprehension of the leading phenomena associated to the volumetric losses. In absence of a mean stream-wise pressure gradient, and for values of the rotor angular velocity such that the corresponding Taylor number exceeds a critical value, vertical structures known as Taylor-Couette vortices appear. This work aims to study the interaction of these structures with the mean axial flow responsible for the leakage losses, and their effect on the resistance and torque coefficients for different operating conditions. The analysis is conducted via an incompressible three dimensional Navier-Stokes flow solver, which employs a spectral representation of the unknowns.

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