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Experimental characterization of the isothermal mixing process in a model of a natural gas swirl combustor


Autore: G. Solero

Collana: CA - 50 - Saint Vincent 1995

Combustion of fossil fueld is still today the greatest energy source. Therefore, combustion processes and technologies are throughly studied in order to minimize their environmental impact and, among the different aspects of the Combustion Science, the fluid dynamic analysis is without doubt one of the most important tools to ascertain the stability and efficiency of the combustion device. This paper presents some results about the experimental characterization through optical techniques (LSV: laser sheet visualization and, preliminarily, LDA: laser Doppler anemometry) and hot wire anemometry (HWA) of the isothermal mixing process in a model of a Low-NOx natural gas swirl combustor, in the region closest to the gas injection zone. The fuel is injected in a coaxial swirling air stream. The influence of air swirl motion upon the mixing process has been studied. Moreover, three different gas injection procedures (particularly, transverse radial injection and transverse co-swirl and counter-swirl injection with respect to the coaxial air swirl motion) have been investigated and compared.

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