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A mutidimensional upwind scheme for turbomachinery flow analysis


Autore: P. De Palma, G. Pascazio, M. Napolitano

Collana: CA - 54 - L Aquila 1999

This paper provides an accurate and robust fluctuation splitting scheme for the two-dimensional steady compressible Euler and Navier-Stokes equations. The inviscid fluxes are discretized using three different residual distribution schemes applied to two different formulations of the Euler equations, depending on the local nature of the flow. Such a hybrid approach allows to circumvent the drawbacks experience by previous fluctuation splitting schemes and thus to obtain optimal performance with respect to accuracy, robustness and shock capturing capability. The viscous terms are discretized using a standard Galerkin finite element scheme. The proposed approach is validated versus well documented inviscid and viscous test cases.

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