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Progetto di schiere piane transoniche mediante ottimizzazione progressiva


Autore: L.. Catalano, A. Dadone

Collana: CA - 54 - L Aquila 1999

A robust and efficient formulation for the inverse design of inviscid two-dimensional turbomachinery bladings is presented. The methodology has three essential ingredients. First, the procedure is based on the use of a highly accurate flow solver for an accurate computation of the objective function. Second, design sensitivies are obtained efficiently using a discrete adjoint formulation. The adjoint problem employs an auxiliary dissipative flow solver, in order to obtain robust sensitivity derivatives in the presence of noisy or non-smooth objective functions. The third ingredient of the procedure involves a progressive optimization, whereby a sequence of operations, containing a partially converged flow solution, followed by an adjoint solution, followed by an optimization step, is performed. Furthermore, the progressive optimization involves the use of progressively finer grids. The proposed approach has been tested on the inverse design of a two-dimensional turbine blade in transonic flow conditions with and without shocks. The methodology is shown to be robust and highly efficient, with a converged design optimisation produced in no more than the amount of computational work needed to perform from three to five flow analyses.

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