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Unsteady convection model for heat release analysis of IC engine pressure data.


Autore: A. E. Catania, D. Misul, A. Mittica, E. Spessa

Collana: CA - 54 - L Aquila 1999

A contribution has been given to the thermodynamics approach usually used for analyzing the combustion process in IC engines on the basis of cylinder pressure data reduction. A survey of heat release type combustion models and of their calibration methods has first been carried out paying specific attention to the bulk gas-wall heat transfert correlations used.

The experimental results of different authors have given evidence that most of these correlations are incapable of predicting the phase shift that can occur between the gas-wall temperature difference and heat transfert during the engine compression and expansion strokes. Therefore, the present paper develops and applies a refined procedure for heat release analysis of cylinder pressure data including the unsteadiness effects of the convective heat transfert process. The new heat release model employs a two-zone descriptions of the cylinder contents with thermodynamc properties of both reactants and products evaluated by polynomial curve fits and a multiple species equilibrium composition calculation performed for the burnt zone. A complex Nusselt number model is proposed for surface-averaged instantaneous heat flux calculation. The model is applied to the analysis of cylinder pressure time-histories taken in a multivalve pent-roof type SI engine operated either with gasoline or CNG.

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