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Bioenergy for Europe: Which one fit best? A comparative analysis for the Community - Executive Summary Draft


Autore: G. Riva, J. Calzoni, A. Panvini

Collana: Biofit

This report presents the methodology and the results of a project carried out in a co-operative task by eight European countries from 1998 to 2000. Its aim was to assess by means of life cycle analyses the environmental effects of various biofuels and to compare them against their fossil equivalents as well as against each other. The following institutes and countries participated in the project: BLT (Austria), TUD
(Denmark), INRA (France), IFEU (Germany), CRES (Greece), CTI (Italy), CLM (The Netherlands) and FAT (Switzerland). This summary comprises the following sections:
1. Background
2. Goals of the study
3. Design of the study
4. Results
5. Conclusions and recommendation
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