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Theoretical and experimental characterization of insulating cork boards


Autore: B. Bisiol, M. Campanale, L. Moro

Collana: CA - 50 - Saint Vincent 1995

A theoretical model is presented for the characterization of heat transfer properties of insulating cork boards. Due to the presence of cork grains, this material presents regularly distributed non-homogeneities which act as shields partially opaque to the radiation. To take also this effect into account the modellization has been done by introducing a number of semitransparent plane shield parallel to the main board surfaces, placed at a distance approximately equal to the mean diameter of the grain. To validate such a model, a number of measurements at different thickness and temperatures of the thermal resistance of insulating cork boards has been done, according to the "slicing technique"; the tests have been carried out on insulating cork board 5 cm thick; then the thickness has been reduced by successive cuts of slices about 12 mm thinck. The experimental results have been compared with the theoretical model through the least square analysis. In fact, the mean square deviation between measured and calculated values is less than 0.2%. Also the correlation between some parameters in the interpolating equations is shown in graphical form. In addition, some graphs have also been built to evaluate (once known the transfer factor I) the tickness effect for insulating cork boards.

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