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Rivista La Termotecnica - Accesso riservato soci CTI

A 3D-CFD Methodology to Quantitatively Predict Engine-out Soot Emission in GDI Engines


Autore: M. Del Pecchia, S. Sparacino, S. Breda, G. Cantore

Collana: 2019, numero 09

While being a promising solution to reduce greenhouse gases emissions Gasoline Direct Injected (GDI) engines produce a number of particles (PN) of fine size higher than Port Fuel Injected ones. Efforts are made by the research community to understand the root causes leading to soot formation via 3D-CFD. In the present work, a Sectional Method-based methodology, to quantitatively predict GDI soot, is presented and validated against PM,
PN and Particle Size Distribution measurements on a optically accessible GDI research unit.

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