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Numerical-experimental investigation on piezo- and solenoidactuated indirect acting injectors


Autore: A. Arpaia, A. E. Catania, S. d’Ambrosio, A. Ferrari, A. Mittica, E. Spessa

Collana: CA - 65 - Cagliari 2010

The internal dynamics of the Piezo Indirect Acting fuel injection-system turned out to be very similar to that of the solenoid-actuated Common Rail apparatus. Substantial differences arose from the end of the energizing time onward, leading to reduced values of the Nozzle Closure Delay for the piezo injector. However, such differences can be mainly ascribed to the presence of different hydraulic features in the layout of the indirect acting piezo injector rather than to the high-performance of its driving system. This suggests that comparable values of the Nozzle Closure Delay can also be achieved with solenoid injectors provided that their mechanical and hydraulic setup is conveniently adapted.

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