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Development of dac and almr techniques for diesel and hcci modeling


Autore: G. D’Erricoa, D. Ettorrea, G. Ferraria, T. Lucchinia

Collana: CA - 65 - Cagliari 2010

A comprehensive methodology for fast and efficient combustion simulations in Diesel engines is presented in this work. Specific techniques were developed to reduce the computational time and to preserve the quality of the results: Adaptive Local Mesh Refinement (ALMR) and Tabulation of Dynamic Adaptive Chemistry (TDAC). The
ALMR techinque maintains the same accuracy of a fine mesh but with a lower number of cells since the grid is dynamically refined only where the fuel-air mixture formation and combustion processes take place. The TDAC method is applied to reduce the computational time when detailed chemistry is used: it combines ISAT (In-Situ
Adaptive Tabulation) and DAC (Dynamic Adaptive Chemistry). The proposed techniques were implemented into the Lib-ICE code, which is a set of applications and libraries for multi-dimensional engine modeling based on the OpenFOAMR°technology. Experimental validation was performed with experimental data of spray penetration at constant volume conditions and two different engine configurations.

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