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Energetic and economic analysis of hybrid solar heating and cooling systems powered by biomass


Autore: Calise F., Dentice d'Accadia M., Palombo A., Vanoli L.

Collana: CA - 65 - Cagliari 2010

The paper presents a dynamic model of an innovative solar heating and cooling system (SHC) based on the coupling of Parabolic-Through solar Collectors (PTC) with a double-stage LiBr-H2O absorption chiller; auxiliary energy for both heating and cooling is supplied by a biomass-fired heater. The system also includes a number of additional components such as: cooling tower, pumps, heat exchangers, etc. The consumption of non-renewable energy resources is only due to the small amount of electrical energy consumed by some auxiliary device. A case study is presented, in which the SHC provides space heating and cooling and domestic hot water for a small university hall, all year long. Both the SHC system and the building were dynamically simulated in TRNSYS. In addition, a parametric analysis was performed in order to evaluate the sensitivity of the results, when varying some of the main design and operating parameters, such as: collector field area, tank volume and set-point temperatures. The results showed that the SHC system layout investigated can be competitive from both energetic and economic points of view.

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