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Secondary loop design and off-design operation of an accelerator driven reactor for the exploitation of nuclear wastes


Autore: Saccarello A., Damiani L., Repetto M., Pini Prato A., Mansani L.

Collana: CA - 65 - Cagliari 2010

In 2005 the European Commission (EC) partially funded, within the FP6 program, the integrated project EUROTRANS (European Research Program for the Transmutation of High Level Nuclear Waste in an Accelerator Driven System) with the objective to demonstrate the possibility of nuclear waste transmutation/burning in ADS at industrial scale. The focus during this program was on the development of a conceptual design of a generic European Transmutation Demonstrator (EFIT- European Facility for Industrial Transmutation) to be realized in the long term. EFIT is cooled by pure Lead and is fuelled with Uranium free fuel. It is conceived to fission at best Minor Actinides while producing electric energy.
In order to reduce the cost, particular care should be put in the design of the power generation section, which is expected to fulfill two requirements:
Simple design approach, as the main effort should be focused on the primary;
Minimal request for components requiring a dedicated design and industrialization.
The purpose of the work described in this paper is the conceptual design of the secondary system of EFIT, i.e. the section of the power plant in which the heat generated by the reactor is exploited to generate electrical power.

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