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Enel Research activities on Clean Coal Technologies


Data: 04-2009

Autore: S. Pasini, S. Malloggi, C. La Marca

Collana: BT - 44 - Apr 09 - Processi di combustione: Tecnologie innovative per la compatibilità ambientale

In the last few years ENEL is changing its generation mix by both increasing the share of renewable power and building high efficiency coal units. On this track, ENEL commits itself to implement technologies to provide an environmentally compatible use of coal for power production, satisfying the more stringent regulation on emissions, effluents and residues. ENEL Research has been focused on the development and demonstration of new technologies and/or process modification aimed at increasing thermal efficiency, reducing pollutant emissions and developing a value chain for by-product in order to reach the “nearzero emission” condition in the fossil fuel power plants. CCT research activity is organized on two major innovation lines: clean combustion and emission reduction; the first focused to reduce pollutant formation and improve plant reliability, the second to develop and assess advanced flue gas cleaning system performances.

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