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Outokumpu - Stainless steel for flue gas cleaning applications


Data: 04-2009

Collana: BT - 44 - Apr 09 - Processi di combustione: Tecnologie innovative per la compatibilità ambientale

This paper will describe the use of stainless steel in connection to Flue Gas Cleaning (FGC) installations. The different types of corrosion are treated and common corrosion problems are explained and illustrated. The subject of corrosion in FGC applications is complicated since there are several variables. The corrosivity of the gases can vary over a wide range, depending on what fuel they origin from, the combustion parameters and the stage of the cleaning process. The reason for corrosion in different parts of the FGC-equipment is discussed in connection to what stainless grades are common choices for different details in the FGC-system. The reason for the aptitude of these grades is presented with support from laboratory testing as well as field investigations. Some reference examples where different steel grades have been put to use are given.

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