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Data: 04-2009

Autore: Massimo Bienati, Claudio Virtuani Termokimik Corporation SpA

Collana: BT - 44 - Apr 09 - Processi di combustione: Tecnologie innovative per la compatibilità ambientale

The present abstract is focused on the installation of bag filters for 3 electrical energy groups of Enelís Power Plant Torrevaldaliga Nord, that have been converted to coal. Each thermal-electrical group has an estimated capacity of 2 million Nmc/h of flue gas, with a particle load of up to 15,000 mg/Nmc. The aim of these filters is to reduce the particle load to a value of less than 6mg/Nmc on a daily basis and, in order to achieve this, each group is equipped with a bag filter with a double body, each with a central duct for gas inlet/outlet. Each body has 8 independent bag compartments, each equipped with isolation dampers to allow routing maintenance to take place even during operation. Each thermal-electrical group (16 compartments) is composed of 13824 bags, with a diameter of 144mm and a length of 8015mm, for a total filtering surface of more than 50,000 square meters. The efficiency in terms of filtration for such large units can be guaranteed only by means of an accurate fluid dynamic study of the internals, in order to achieve an even distribution of flue gas to all compartments and the correct collection of removed particles inside the hoppers of each subunit, thus avoiding undesirable turbulence and re-entrainment phenomenon. It goes without saying that bags, cleaning system, isolation and by-pass dampers have to be of the highest quality and they must ensure both the best performance and the most reliable operation. In this regard, Termokimik has designed prototype dampers dedicated to compartment isolation, testing them for a long time period with working cycles in cold and hot conditions. On the basis of these tests, Termokimik has installed the best design in terms of isolation. Finally, let us emphasize the importance of the structural design of these large units, whose casing has been realized with corrugated plates and rectangular-shaped profiles to get both a simple and accurate assembly and a high mechanical resistance in the presence of negative pressure and high temperature, using a minimum amount of materials.

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