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Ecomagination: improving together the Flexibility and Environmental performances of CCGT Power Plants Ė DLN2.6+ Advanced Combustion System


Data: 04-2009

Autore: General Electric Company

Collana: BT - 44 - Apr 09 - Processi di combustione: Tecnologie innovative per la compatibilità ambientale

Combined Cycle Gas Turbines power plantís operating flexibility is becoming a strong requirement around the world: lowering of NOx and CO emission limits makes it more challenging. Utilities that desire always the ability to operate at the most economical load during each hour of a day, can be constrained by the low emission limits, especially when they need to operate at lowest possible loads, during transients or for variations occurring to fuel composition or ambient conditions. GEís Ecomagination program comes from the belief that improving together environmental and business performances is not an impossible challenge. Specific R&D initiatives and budgets are allocated to bring to life new technologies -duly certified under the program- that serve the scope. The Advanced Dry Low NOx (DLN) 2.6+ combustion system is a GEEcomagination certified product for GE F-class Gas Turbines. Developed as a combustion technology platform to allow Utilities to meet or exceed the increasingly stringent NOx and CO regulatory requirements around the world, it also responds to the new flexibility needs for CCGT power plant operations. In Italyís Lombardia Region, all GE 9FA Gas-Turbine Owners have chosen DLN2.6+ upgrades to comply to a reduction in emission limits, for which several Power Plants will have to respect, at any time, 30mg/Nm3 for NOx and CO. DLN2.6+ has demonstrated ability to respect continuously both NOx and CO limits @ 30mg/Nm3 in load ranges from 100% to less than 35% (now targeting 25% or less) . The 9FA CCGT Power plants now can comply with a 40% emission limits reduction, without the need to use any water or chemicals nor the addition of any catalytic system; plus achieving 42% improvement in load range flexibility. To itís benefits, the DLN2.6+ also adds: extension of combustion outage intervals, no impacts to CCGT operating practices, upgrade activities designed to be performed inside normal Gas Turbine planned outages, with minimal additional impacts to the original schedule and to the power plantís production. GE Confidential & Proprietary Information January 2009 GEís Ecomagination DLN2.6+ systems is a technology platform that builds from decades of GE experience in GT combustion technology: this paper presents the technology, its implementation in Europe and the United States of America, together with future developments.

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