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EDF Group actions to reduce CO2 emissions


Autore: F. Giger, V. Czop, L. Jestin, J. Benz, J. Cockin, S. Bedogni

Collana: BT - 43 - Lug 08 - Il controllo della CO2 negli impianti di produzione energia

EDF Group decided to commit itself in CCS (Carbon Capture and Storage) technologies
development although the CO2 content of each kWh it generates in France is very low.
Nonetheless, with its stakes in fossil fired power plants in Europe and overseas, it is
responsible for 64 Million tons CO2 emission per year. Therefore, CO2 emission
reduction creates a real challenge to be tackled by the group in due time.
EDF Group defines a strategic approach based on several successive time horizons by
matching increasing expected requirements from the public authorities during the next
20 years with the evaluated time to market for different technologies pertaining to
efficiency increase and CO2 capture. The approach is based on a comparative evaluation of the main routes, of their respective maturity, as well as of some other processes that may be depicted as outsiders. As far as CO2 transportation and geological storage are concerned, a preliminary analysis has also been engaged with industrial partners in order to get insight in the complete value chain.
CO2 capture test benches will be implemented on generation sites in order to prepare the erection of industrial pilots in a cooperation with industrial partners.

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