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Opportunities of plug-in hybrids in self- sustaining homes


Autore: V. Marano, T.G. Choi, Y. Guezennec, G. Rizzoni, C. Panzeri, W. Choi

Collana: CA - 62 - Fisciano 2007

Demands on clean and efficient energy for transportation and households are strong ever before. To meet this societal and technical request, in this paper, a multi-configurable personal eco-system with a plug-in hybrid vehicle is proposed. With a set of data for the State of Ohio including price information of electricity, possible photovoltaic capacity, and chance of wind, the availability of energy from grid and the renewables to provide enough energy to the commuting vehicle and household, is calculated. In this simulations, it has also been applied an optimized control strategy for the plugin fuel cell hybrid vehicle. Combining this simulation result with the price
range of available sub-systems, it was found that the proposed configuration is
viable even with the current technology.

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