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Experimental activity on the tabular SFC5 SOFC generator: regression models analysis and optimization


Autore: M. Gariglio, F. De Benedictis, M. Santarelli, M. Calì, G. Orsello

Collana: CA - 62 - Fisciano 2007

In this project, an experimental campaign was planned, through a design of experiment procedure, in order to characterize the 5 kW generator. The factorial analysis has been applied considering two factors (22 factorial analysis): setup temperature of the generator and fuel utilization factor.
First, the obtained data have been analyzed by an ANOVA of the experimental data of some dependent variables (i.e. generator voltage, DC and AC electric power, recovered heat, etc…).
Then, the regression models have been obtained for every dependent variable considered, and a response surface analysis has been performed.
Finally, the regression models have been used in constrained optimization procedures, to have an overview of the optimal operation points which maximize different objective functions (AC electric power, AC efficiency, recovered heat, etc.).

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