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Prediction of in-cylinder pressure and pollutant formation in S.I. engines fueled with Compressed Natural Gas


Autore: G. D’Errico, G. Ferrari, T. Lucchini

Collana: CA - 62 - Fisciano 2007

A novel approach to evaluate the turbulent combustion rate and the chemical composition in turbulent premixed flames, with particular regard to its applications for spark ignition engine fueled with Compressed Natural Gas, is proposed. Attention is focused on the main physical and chemical processes to allow a reliable evaluation of the burning rate and of the specie concentrations, including intermediates such as CO, O, H, and OH. A new correlation for laminar flame speed of methane-air mixtures is derived by interpolating more than 1000 different conditions at high pressures and temperatures, computed by a detailed chemical approach. The Zimont turbulent combustion model was embedded into the model and applied on the basis of the derived correlation for laminar flame velocities. The proposed schemes and
formulations were embedded into the developed quasi-D model to simulate a s.i. engine fueled by CNG.
Computed results were compared with the available experimental data of in-cylinder pressure histories and engine emissions (NO, CO, HC).

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