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Impact of ultra low thermal inertia maniflods on emission performance


Autore: G. Montenegro, A. Onorati, F. Piscaglia

Collana: CA - 62 - Fisciano 2007

In this study, we focus on the exhaust manifold, that has a major contribution to the thermal mass upstream of the catalyst. The study carried out aims at highlighting the impact of fabricated manifold length and thickness on emissions and engine performance. Several manifold designs, dedicated to different naturally aspirated gasoline engine applications, have been tested on a dynamic engine bench or chassis dyno. Emission results were also supported by temperature measurements. Moreover, the measured gas temperature were finally compared to calculation carried out using a 1D thermo-fluid dynamic model (GASDYN).The obtained results point out a major positive impact of ultra low thermal inertia manifolds on emission performance, regardless of the naturally aspirated gasoline engine application.

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