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A PID controller enhanced by means of a multiagent system applied to a wind generator


Autore: F. Martinelli, L. Dambrosio

Collana: CA - 62 - Fisciano 2007

This paper provides an innovative technique for the control of a wind turbine rotational speed. The action of a standard PID controller has been enhanced by using a Multi Agent System. Seldom agents are considered as stand-alone systems; on the contrary, their main strength can be found in the interaction with other agents, constituting the so called Multi Agent System. An agent is a (software or hardware) entity that can receive signals from the environment and act upon that environment through output signals, trying to carry out an appropriate task. In the present paper, a Fuzzy Logic System has been employed for the agents internal structure. In order to test the performance of the proposed control technique, a numerical model, based on the momentum approach (impulsive theory) of the wind turbine has been used. Results show that the Multi Agent System provides strong improvements in all the control performance.

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