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Evaluation of the profitability of cogenerative energy systems fed by biogas obtained through anaerobic digestion


Autore: R. Bettocchi, M. Pinelli, P.R. Spina, M. Venturini, M. Cadorin, G. Cenci, M. Morini

Collana: CA - 62 - Fisciano 2007

The whole process which includes production, gathering, carriage and transformation of biomass into renewable fuels and then into energy (both electrical and thermal) involves a large number of decisions to select the most efficient plant layout.
In order to identify the optimal plant solutions with respect to the current scenario, a model which simulates the whole process is required (biomass gathering, transformation, treatment, bio-fuel production, energy conversion, revenues from electrical power and heat).
In a previous paper by the authors, a physics-based model for the simulation of the entire process from biomass to energy production, developed in Matlab environment by adopting a modular structure in order to reproduce different plant configurations, was presented. The considered transformation process was the anaerobic digestion. In this paper, the model is applied to identify the system configuration which maximizes economic profitability. In particular, the paper reports an analysis on the sensitivity of system profitability with respect to the mass of biomass, number of batch digesters and retention time of the biomass inside each digester.

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