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Preliminary experimental results for a spiral heat exchanger for CO2 supercritical cooling


Autore: P. Bombarda, S. Colasson, D. De Pellegrin, L. Veronese, A. Bruch, A. Bontemps

Collana: CA - 62 - Fisciano 2007

CO2 is well suited as working fluid both in refrigeration and heat pump applications, and also as heat transfer media. However, due to the thermophysical characteristics of CO2, cycle components have to be redesigned in order to perform at best with CO2. In this work a spiral heat exchanger is experimentally investigated in the frame of a research program for heat pump applications. The experimental facility is located in Grenoble, France, at Greth laboratory.
The heat exchanger considered is aimed at cooling of a supercritical flow of CO2 in a range of temperatures near the critical point. It is fed with gaseous CO2 and water. Several tests were conducted with a pseudo-local approach, i.e. maintaining the decrement of temperature between the inlet and outlet of the heat exchanger as low as possible; several constant pressures, in the range 80-100 bar and several mass flow rates were considered. The effect of the flow direction (vertical or horizontal) is also investigated. Preliminary results obtained are compared with classical correlations built for supercritical CO2.

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