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Numerical investigation on transient natural convection in vertical channels with heat transfer toward the ambient and heated wall


Autore: A. Andreozzi, B. Buonomo, O. Manca

Collana: CA - 62 - Fisciano 2007

In the present investigation a transient numerical study of natural convection in air in vertical parallel plate channels, with one plate heated at uniform heat flux and the other one unheated, is carried out. Two configurations are analyzed and the problems are considered two-dimensional and laminar in J shaped extended computational domain in order to simulate thermal and fluid dynamic behaviours far away the inflow and outflow regions. The problems are solved employing the Fluent code. The study is accomplished for Rayleigh number values equal to 104 and 106, for a channel aspect ratio equal to 10 and Pr=0.71. results are given in dimensionless form and are presented in terms of maximum, average and minimum wall temperature profiles as function of time, wall temperature profiles along some transversal sections of the channels. It is shown that there are very small differences between the two considered configurations in terms of temperature profiles.

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