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Numerical analysis of opposing mixed convection in a convergent horizontal channel with an adiabatic moving plate


Autore: A. Andreozzi, N. Bianco, G. Lacasa, V. Naso

Collana: CA - 62 - Fisciano 2007

A numerical investigation on mixed convection in air due to the interaction between a buoyancy flow and a moving plate induced flow in a convergent horizontal channel is carried out in this study.
The horizontal channel is made up of an upper inclined plate heated at uniform heat flux and a lower adiabatic moving plate. The moving plate has a constant velocity and moves from the maximum channel spacing section to the minimum channel spacing section so that its effect opposes the buoyancy effect. The computational domain is made of the convergent horizontal channel and two reservoirs, placed upstream and downstream of the channel. The reservoirs simulate the thermal and fluid dynamic behaviour far away the region of the thermal disturbance induced by the heated plate. The numerical analysis is accomplished by means of the finite volume method, using the commercial code Fluent. The effects of the channel spacing, wall heat flux, moving plate velocity and converging angle are investigated and results in terms of the heated upper plate and the moving lower plate temperatures are presented.

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