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Renewable cooling with solar assisted absorption chiller: system design


Autore: G. Franchini, G. Nurzia, A. Perdichizzi

Collana: CA - 62 - Fisciano 2007

A growing demand for comfort cooling during summer season has led to significant primary energy consumption. Among the possible solutions to reduce electric energy demand and to smooth peak loads, solar absorption cooling is to be considered an ideal one. The design of a solar absorption cooling system has to match the variability of solar irradiation, cooling loads and heat rejection. Further more this kind of systems needs an auxiliary back up to cover periods of low insulation and high cooling loads.
In this paper the integration of a solar driven absorption chiller into a traditional cooling system based on a compression chiller is discussed. Sizing of the collector array, of the traditional chiller is studied. The opportunity of thermal storages is also discussed, depending on the size of the other components. Design choices are justified by energy savings arguments and are verified with the aid of a detailed simulation program.
Finally a real planning case is considered to evaluate environmental and economic benefits of including the solar driven absorption chiller in a traditional system.

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