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Analysis of active magnetic regenerative refrigeration system for room temperature applications


Autore: C. Aprea, A. Greco, A. Maiorino

Collana: CA - 62 - Fisciano 2007

Room temperature magnetic refrigeration is an emerging green technology with environmentally desirable characteristics. Magnetic refrigeration is an emerging technology based on the magneto-caloric effect in solid-state refrigerants.
The Active Magnetic Regenerative Refrigeration (AMRR) cycle is a special kind of regenerator for the magnetic refrigerator, in which the magnetic material matrix works both as a refrigerating medium and as a heat regenerating medium, while the fluid flowing in the porous matrix works as a heat transfer medium. An active magnetic regenerator can provide larger temperature spans with adequate heat transfer between the regenerator matrix and fluid..
In the present paper, a practical model for predicting the performance and efficiency of an AMRR cycle has been developed. The model simulates both the ferromagnetic material and the entire cycle of an AMR operating in conformity with a Brayton regenerative cycle. The ferromagnetic material is the gadolinium studied as a porous matrix. The heat transfer medium is liquid water. With this model, the refrigeration capacity, the power consumption and consequently the coefficient of performance can be predicted. The results show a greater COP when compared to a classical vapour compression plant working between the same thermal levels.

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