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ALSTOMís experience in co-firing of biomass fuels with coal


Autore: B. Pezzella, R. Fagnani, A.A. Levasseur

Collana: BT - 39 - Lug 07 - Termovalorizzazione di biomasse e rifiuti

While construction of Combined Cycle Power Plants are booming throughout EU, making natural gas the main fossil source, many of its traditional utilities players are moving towards clean coal technologies. In the meantime politicians have set the target to treble the use of renewables by 2020, attempting to cut greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuel consumption. Hydro plants, solar and wind farms will play their role but also biomass installations will get massive boost, because this fuel is universally recognized to be a clean and renewable source of thermal energy. In Italy, where no nuclear energy is produced domestically and where large new hydro plants are not feasible, such increase should ease the development of both solar and wind installation, while migrating to advance fossil combustions. Biomass fuel shall be used for new small installations whose size must be set by local fuel availability, and mainly in co-firing application in large coal power plants.
This paper will focus on critical issues related to the co-firing of biomass in new and existing PC or CFB boilers, making reference to the ALSTOMís large experience validated in its ďMulti-Use Combustion Test FacilityĒ developed to support the Power Generation Businesses strategic needs and accumulated in several applications worldwide (such as the Sulcis CFB boiler in Sardinia-Italy).

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