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Experimental analysis of automotive catalytic converters aging process.


Autore: S. Cordiner, M. Feola

Collana: AA - 2001 Quartu S. Elena - MIS - MAC – VII Metodi di Sperimentazione nelle Macchine

The aging of the catalytic converters for automotive applications is a phenomenon of complex evaluation on the theoretical plan. It is, in fact, primarily faced for on an experimental basis through accelerated tests performed both on road and in the laboratory. Nevertheless, in order to make possible the analysis of both the effect of aging and the main causes which provoke the relative loss of performances such methodologies need to be accurately designed. Therefore, the purpose of the present work has been the identification and the analysis of suitable analysis methodologies in order to appraise the contribution that the engine operating conditions have in the correct operation of the catalytic converters. To this aim the characteristics of the particular test cycle, used to simulate, in accelerated way, the operation under real conditions, are illustrated. The comprehensive experimental procedure used to characterize the process of aging is also presented. In conclusion selected results, obtained from some applications of the aging methodology at the test bench facility of the University of Rome “Tor Vergata”, are shortly discussed.

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