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Comparison of pressure and velocity measurements during one cell rotating stall


Autore: P. Puddu, C. Palomba, F. Nurzia

Collana: AA - 2001 Quartu S. Elena - MIS - MAC VII Metodi di Sperimentazione nelle Macchine

After having characterised the flow field upstream and downstream of an isolated rotor in 1-cell rotating stall (Palomba and Puddu ASME paper 1998), an investigation campaign has started at the Department of Mechanical Engineering of Cagliari the measure the cell structure in a 2 stage compressor. Preliminary results, (Nurzia, Palomba and Puddu ASME paper 2000), measured the flow at three flow radial positions in all compressor sections. To verify these results, the present work will analyse the whole flow field in three axial sections at the lowest and highest flow coefficient of the previous tests. Moreover, the wall static pressure will be measured at the same three flows coefficients in all compressor sections to compare pressure and tip velocity measurements.

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