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Unsteady heat transfer topics in gas turbine stage simulations


Autore: S. Salvadori, P. Adami, F. Martelli

Collana: CA - 60 - Roma 2005

Gas turbine stages are nowadays working under very challenging conditions. The usual HP stage design efforts are carried out leading to transonic highly loaded blades cooled through impingement and film cooling techniques. A research field for further design improvements is represented by the study of the behaviour of such complex blade designs under unsteady working conditions. An important issue requiring unsteady modelling is the redistribution into the HP stage of gas turbines of the inlet temperature hot spots. This phenomenon is a thoroughly unsteady problem affected by statorrotor
interaction. The hot spot travels through the stator vane as a “hot streak” and its redistribution is steered principally by Kerrebrock and Mikolajczak’s “segregation effect”. A series of unsteady simulations have been made on QinetiQ’s MT1 turbine stage. Three different inlet conditions have been simulated. For a uniform total pressure field (as suggested by Munk and Prim’s “substitution principle”) we have superimposed one uniform and two non-uniform total temperature distributions
obtained experimentally by QinetiQ. The second and third distributions are aligned with NGV’s vane and leading edge respectively. Unsteady and time-averaged results have been compared each other and with experimental distributions provided by QinetiQ for blades’ surface and rotor casing pressure and heat transfer.

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