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Experimental analysis of the unsteady flow field downstream a high pressure turbine stage


Autore: P. Gaetani, C. Osnaghi, G. Persico

Collana: CA - 60 - Roma 2005

An extensive experimental analysis was carried out at Politecnico di Milano on the subject of unsteady flows in high pressure turbine stages, in the frame of a wide national research program addressed to the study of the flow unsteadiness in turbines. 2D unsteady flow measurements were performed along the blade span downstream the stage, by means of a single-hole fast response pressure probe; the probe frequency operating range rise up to 80 kHz applying the probe transfer function. The main topic of the paper deals with the unsteady phase averaged flow field downstream the rotor. At first a representation and an analysis of the flow field entering the rotor is given; then an
analysis of the probe pressure signal was carried out in terms of transfer function application and time periodicity. Due to the very complex flow phenomena characterizing the whole flow field, different displays are proposed in order to evidence the main flow structures and the contributes of the single blade rows. In the tip region the rotor wake, the rotor secondary flows and the tip leakage are the dominant features, being almost unaffected by the upstream stator. On the contrary in the hub region the rotor wakes are not clearly visible, suggesting a major role of the interaction between
stator and rotor secondary structures as a consequence of the stronger stator secondary flows.

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