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Modeling laminar-turbulent transition in turbomachinery flow compitations


Autore: L. Cutrone, P. De Palma, G. Pascazio, M. Napolitano

Collana: CA - 60 - Roma 2005

This paper provides a thorough comparison of three laminar-to-turbulent bypass
transition models. The models are based either on the combinations of a transition-onset
correlation and two intermittency factor models, or employ a transport equation for
laminar kinetic energy. Such models have been embedded in a Reynolds averaged
Navier-Stokes solver employing a low-Reynolds number k - co turbulence model. The
performance ofthe transition models have been validated by computing well documented
incompressible flows over a flat plate, namely, test cases T3A and T3B of ERCOFTAC
SIG lO. Finally, a more complex test case, namely the two-dimensional compressible
flow through a 00ear turbine cascade, has been considered, for which detailed
experimental data are available in the literature.

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