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A fast and robust adaptive methodology fordesign under uncertainties based on daceresponse surface and game theory


Autore: A. Clarich, V. Pediroda, C. Poloni

Collana: CA - 60 - Roma 2005

The concept of the performances stability is a crucial point of the research activities and the Robust Design Optimisation seems to be the most correct approach to face problems characterised by uncertainties in the operating conditions. Our Robust Design methodology is based on the multi-objective approach: applying the statistical definition of stability, the method finds, at the same time, good solutions for performances and stability.
Game Theory is an innovative and efficient numerical methodology that can be applied to
solve multi objective optimisation problems. In particular, we have developed an adaptive version of a Competitive Game algorithm (that searches the Nash equilibrium), based on the automatic rearrangement of the variable space decomposition among the players accordingly to the statistical significance of each variable for each objective.
In order to reduce further the number of computations required, we combine the adaptive
Nash algorithm with an innovative and efficient adaptive Response Surface Methodology
(DACE), based on Statistical Analysis: the training points are selected by a criterion of estimation error reduction.
Adaptive Nash algorithm and adaptive DACE RSM have been finally tested in the robust
design optimisation of a transonic RAE airfoil with uncertainties on Mach number and angle of attack.

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