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Multistage centrifugal-pumps: assessment of a mixing plane method for CFD analysis


Autore: P. Adami, S. Della Gatta, F. Martelli, L. Bertolazzi, D. Maestri, G. Marenco, A. Piva

Collana: CA - 60 - Roma 2005

An accurate CFD investigation allows a thorough knowledge of the fIuid dynamic field inside a multistage centrifugai pump but only a correct interpretation of its results grants a well-founded prediction of the machine performance curves. The paper introduces the assessment of an improved methodology to predict head-fIow and efficiency characteristics of industriai pumps in real operating conditions. The described approach is based on standard CFD analysis and experimental tests.
The numerical procedure is built-up ofthree different steps:
�� CFD investigation ofthe single impeller and diffuser domains;
�� impeller-diffuser interaction analysis;
�� evaluation of the whole multistage pump performance curves by pressure field
interpretation and taking into account real machine secondary phenomena.
The stage computational model is made up oftwo 3D fIuid domains with overlapping: one of them is aimed to simulate the diffuser and is related to a stationary reference frame while the other one models the impeller and is referred to a rotating system.
Moreover the impeller-diffuser interaction is studied by the employment of a mixing piane technique. Numerical results are then compared to the real pump performance test at the actual working conditions in order to validate the proposed methodology.
The paper will discuss all approach details and the main CFD features involved.

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