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Calibration of a sheet of thermosensitive liquid crystals viewed non-orthogonally


Autore: W. Grassi, D. Testi, D. Della Vista, G. Torelli

Collana: CA - 60 - Roma 2005

A thin adhesive sheet of encapsulated thermochromic liquid crystals ([LCs) is attached to a submerged pIafe, impinged by an ionic jet in an electrohydrodynamics experiment. In arder fa measure the Iocal temperature and obtain the heat transfer coefficients on the plate, a proper calibration ofthe liquid crystals is needed A colour can be expressed as a weighted combination oJ three attributes: hue, saturation and intensity. In TLCs, hue is afunction oftemperature in a narrow range. However, TLCs colour depends also on the angle under which a point on the sheet is viewed, as well as on the lighting conditions. Due to the particular specifìcations and inherent constraints oJ
our experimental apparatus, the calibration procedure becomes fairly complicated In facts, the digital camera for the acquisition of the colour pattem has to be positioned on the side of the sheet. Besides, the TLCs are non-uniformly lighted, including the presence of shadows. Tlie relationship betiveen the hue field and the temperature field on the plate is then obtained by means of afiltering and interpolation technique, as described in the paper.

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