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Development of PEFC stack working at low pressure


Autore: G. Squadrito, O. Barbera, I. Gatto, G. Giacoppo, F. Urbani, E. Passalacqua

Collana: CA - 60 - Roma 2005

Fuel cell technology development is one of the main activities at the CNR-TAE Institute.
This work reports our experience on stack evolution and performance obtained using H2/air as fuel and oxidant, respectively. The stack with 50 cm2 cells size was designed to produce a rated power of 100 W and a potential of 6 V. MEAs with a total Pt loading of 0.5 mg/cm2 and Nafion® 115 membranes were used.
Humidifying conditions for fuel and oxidant based on water amount were studied at a working temperature of 80°C. The experimental activity was finalized to study the optimal operative conditions as a function of gases flux and water amount at 1.5 abs bar for both fuel and oxidant. A monitoring system of several parameters for each cell was a valid help to associate the stack failure with reagent management problems.

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